Dr. Vero Menard

[Psy.D., Psychologist]

Who am I?
I am a human person, understanding and attentive. My adaptability and my integrative approach guide me, in non-judgment and reception, to assess and treat patients who experience certain sufferings, dysfunctions or fundamental questioning. I believe in human potential, in the ability that everyone has to optimize it and, in their ability to resolve their conflicts and suffering. I work in collaboration with my patients, both with children, adolescents and with adults. I aim to give them back the power to act on their lives, to make them independent and to give them hope.

During my doctorate degree cursus (studies and clinical internships), I specialized with adolescents and adults with Personality Disorders, those who have experienced trauma (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) as well as those who have problems with their anxiety, depression, and attachment or relationship difficulties.

I also accept the evaluation mandates for children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Intellectual Delay, Giftedness or other neurodevelopmental or anxiety disorders. I am trained to conduct the appropriate tests (which we have at the Clinique de Psychologie des Laurentides) leading to the issuance of the psychological diagnosis and the writing of detailed reports, containing recommendations for intervention in the multiple environments of the child.
  • University of Québec in Montréal - Psychology Doctorate Degree
    • Postgraduate university studies
    • Specialization - CBT and integrative approach (Schema-Therapy) - Trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorder, attachment
    • Excellence grants from UQÀM and Fondation Desjardins
  • University of Québec in Trois-Rivières - Post-Grad courses
    • Serious personality disorders and dangerousness assessment
    • Out-of-school doctoral training provided by Dr. Suzanne Léveillée
  • University of Québec in Montréal - Bachelor in Psychology
    • Undergraduate university studies
Work Experience
  • Private Clinic - Sainte-Adele & Montreal - 4 years
    • Doctor in Psychology (psychologist) and General Director
    • Doctoral student in Psychology / Internal, under the supervision of Dr René-Pierre Le Scouarnec, psychologist, working with adult clients with personality, identity or attachment disorders, SCHEMA-THERAPY approach - And under Dre Audrey-Anne Dubé's supervision for child assessment and diagnosis
  • Clinique ABA - Montreal - 2 years
    • Doctoral student in Psychology / Internship with children with neurodevelopmental disorders (ASD, ADD / ADHD) and others (sleep, anxiety, intellectual retardation, low esteem) and other mandates (academic exemption, intellectual skills)
  • Private Clinic - Sainte-Adele - 1 year
    • Doctoral student in Psychology / Internal, under the supervision of Monique Landry, psychologist, with an adult clientele, presenting various problems and questions - Psychoanalytic approach
  • CSP-UQÀM - Montreal - 1 year 
    • Doctoral student in psychology / Intern in the evaluation internship, under the supervision of Dr Réal Labelle, psychologist, CBT (and integrative) approach, with an adult clientele, with various difficulties (trauma, anxiety, attachment, assertion, personality, adaptation, identity, problem solving and existential questions)
    • Acquisition of evaluation and intervention skills. Mastery of psychometric tools (MCMI-III; MMPI-2; SCID-II; YSQ; QAD)
I'm using the Schema Therapy approach, from Dr. Jeffrey Young. In this integrative approach, we consider the person's past experiences (traumas, parental attitudes), as well as their temperament which made it possible to forge unsuitable early patterns. These arise in childhood, as an adaptation to an inadequate environment, or in the face of unmet emotional needs. However, as an adult, facing other people and in other situations, they are no longer suitable. We therefore work, in therapy, to repair unmet emotional needs, reduce the impact of these patterns on our suffering and relationships with others, and finally adopt behaviors more oriented towards our current values and desires. Emotional, relational, cognitive and behavioral techniques are then used.
For the moment, my video series on Schema-Therapy is still not available in English, but this one of my on-going project to translate them and to make them available for FREE for a maximum of patients... 
Neurodeveloppemental disorders assessments for child, teenagers and adults (4 years old to 99)
Assessments and psychotherapy for traumas, personality disorders, anxiety, depression, relationship problems with Schema Therapy approach.
My personnal website: www.DocteureVero.com
My online conference website: www.IFPEP.com
My Youtube channel: Dre Veronique Menard Psy.D. - YouTube